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Star Lonelycorner
This group is for singles who are tired of being single.join to love and be loved plus get lovely photos and love verses of all kind..why single yourself out there when you can be with someone special in here

Group Founder: idambila
Description: To all single man and woman out there,any age, any race, any colour slim or fat whether poor or rich deserves someone special in her or his life.that's why i have come up with this meeting corner.please be mature and you will get mature love.i love you all and welcome all coz where they is two or more singles male and female they is a couple in waiting, who knows it may be you and her
Group Type: Public join
Members: 460
Category: Romance & Relationships > Singles

Topics (24)

go any lady (2) van.j
go friends nd maybe something more (0) 2winkle2
go Lonely (1) wahmed77
go I need a moderator... (1) idambila
go threes*me (0) estann
go single (0) juliet33
go Single ladyz (0) known
go Any guy's who r interested whit luv (23) envouge
go I'm man of 32 from nigeria (0) taska
go Am just lonely! (1) casmil
go hey lonely lady (5) felih
go Believe me (1) ashish.7
go Love (0) yadav874
go lonely (0) vanostz
go Friends (0) agdteu

Photos (47)

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Files (16)

1 They comes a day...
2 Never blame any day...
3 the power of a man
4 Raila''s speech
5 Red rose
6 Promise
7 Love
8 Think twice
9 What a happy fool
10 Mr bean
11 What a kiss !!
12 The gift
13 Power of love
14 Love we love
15 Peace


Polls (3)

go For a boy to be called a man he need to have?....
go Ladies how do you want your man be
go What is the most important thing in a relationship


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